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Catch lifelike fish in beautiful 3D locations and take part in epic fishing competitions.

The Fishing Club 3d

The Fishing Club 3D


Go fishing and relax.


The Fishing Club 3D is a f2p cross-platform multiplayer fishing game developed with Unity 3D. Players create or join fishing clubs and compete with thousands of other players in various fishing competitions. For less competition oriented players there are 25 fishing spots, hundreds of fish types, quests and trophies to catch and achieve. The game is available on Facebook Canvas, Facebook Gameroom, Steam, iOS and Android.


Since its launch in 2013 The Fishing Club 3D has attracted more than 3 million registered players and created a very loyal player base. We are constantly working on content and feature updates.


The core game was developed by Robot Riot within eight months without any external funding. We managed to grow the business organically by continuously adding new content and features and by reinvesting revenue in UA campaigns.


The Fishing Club 3D is an example that, with the right approach, even very small teams can develop and run a game-as-a-service successfully over many years.



The Fishing Club 3d
The Fishing Club 3d